Our Facilities

Our Facilities

Deli-Porc is located in a newly built, modern facility strategically located right outside Montreal.

We are located minutes away from 5 major highways and traffic arteries (440, 25, 125, 15, 13).
Whether you have an important delivery or you need to get your container to the port on time, Deli-Porc Inc's positioning means you will always have several options to be able to get where you are going quickly without a delay in delivery time.

With the recent expansion and modernization to our facilities and production lines, we can now serve our customers with:

  • Production capacity capable of transforming 1,000,000 KGS of pork / week
  • 55'000 Square feet and almost 2 million cubic feet of refrigerated warehousing space.
  • 20 shipping receiving doors.
  • Electronically controlled and monitored refrigeration system.
  • Robust and fully traceable production software suite
  • Electronically monitored building surveillance and security
  • Custom-built export management software
  • Quality control points along the production cycle

Quality Control

Deli-Porc Inc. is a  federally registered Canadian establishment [#68] with Canadian Federal Inspection Agency (CFIA) offices and inspectors on site at all times. You can be confident that all aspects of production are in complete compliance with CFIA norms and regulations.
Furthermore, because we wish to ensure that our products are of the highest quality and are safe for human consumption, we have set in place effective quality assurance programs.
We are proud to announce that our plant operates under the norms of the H.A.C.C.P. quality control program recognized by the Canadian government, as well as having Quality Control officers and specialists on-site.
Our Facilities